Kuwait recce vehicles field Bruker detectors

Bruker announced that it has delivered a major contract comprising Chemical and Radiological Detection Systems to Saab, Sweden. These Bruker detection systems form an integral part of the Saab Automatic Warning and Reporting (AWR) system that has been delivered to a client in Kuwait. The Saab AWR is a proprietary solution for the detection, identification, warning, monitoring and reporting of CBRN hazards.

The majority of the detection systems supplied by Bruker in the contract, awarded in June 2014, have been integrated with vehicles supplied to the customer by Saab. Integrated hardware and software provides early warnings to units and personnel on the battlefield, and in conjunction with the Bruker detector suites, helps the operator to make fast and accurate decisions to limit exposure to CBRN threats.

Because the mobile units include pressure-protected light vehicles, Bruker RAID-S2 chemical detector systems were also chosen to protect the crew from chemical hazards and to alert them should the ColPro protection system become overloaded. Overall the contract comprises multiple units of the MM2 Mobile Mass Spectrometer, RAID M-100 Hand-Held Chemical Detectors, RAID-S2 Installed Chemical Detectors and RAPID Stand-off Chemical Detectors

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