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Even before Covid the rate of improvement in CBRN devices was exceptional, and recent events have only made this faster. From improvements in detection technology through to medical countermeasures it is a constant and bewildering conveyor belt. Thankfully the CBRNe World team has your back!  

The CBRNe World Directory is the only directory providing comparative information on all aspects of detection, identification and monitoring (DIM), protection, decontamination, reconnaissance and medical countermeasures. The CBRNe World Directory is available in two forms: a constantly updated online version and a two-volume legacy print version. The online version allows you to filter products by searchable terms, such as weight or type of detection methodology, and customers can then mark favourites allowing them to compare all other technical specs. There are at least 15 different questions in each of the 36 sectors, allowing you unrivalled information on this vital sector. 


The print version has over thirty roundups on all aspects of EOD, CBRN and narcotics detection,e.g., portal radiation monitors, bulk explosive detection, respirators, disruptors, mobile laboratories, UGVs, medical countermeasures and handheld assays. These are collected in eleven chapters, each with an introductory essay from one of our experts on the needs of that field, developments in the technology and the things to watch. Following these you will find product quads providing more information on the items in the roundup.

 The video below shows a walkthrough of the functions. https://youtu.be/9kVtsZMqZDg

To book a personalised walkthrough that will show the full capability, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for information on purchasing, please click on the Media Pack button above.

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Unique and Invaluable Aspects of the CBRNe World Directory:

  • Unique panel of subject matter experts drawn from academia, government, military and civil sectors.
  • All aspects of CBRNE covered, including narcotics and baggage screening.
  • The online version is updated monthly with new and amended products.
  • Largest CBRNE directory on the market with over 1,700 products and expanding monthly.
  • Select and compare specific products or search by specific criteria in order to find items to fit your exact capability needs.
  • Narrow your search by as many parameters as you wish.
  • Receive RSS feeds alerting you when new products are added.
  • Subscription to online version comes with training and standards resources, including additional tools and resources to download at no additional cost.

For a single annual license to the online version (larger and continuously updated), subscribe to the magazine Gold package here.

If you would like to purchase the hard copy legacy volumes, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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