STRam Portable Raman for Analysis and ID Through Opaque Barriers

The award winning STRam unites a high-throughput spectrometer, specialized sampling optics and advanced algorithms in a portable Raman system to deliver rapid material identification capabilities through a variety of barrier layers and packaging previously impenetrable with Raman.

B&W Tek's STRaman technology expands the capability of Raman spectroscopy for through package identification...

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Online Product Demonstrations from Argon

COVID-19 is causing many changes in employment and operational practices across the world, which is resulting in how Argon will be communicating with their customers for product demonstrations.

In an effort to ensure they can continue to supprort individuals and agencies Argon will be offering online product demonstrations to anyone...

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COVID-19 Training from The Public Health Foundation

The Public Health Foundation has set up training related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), available through the TRAIN Learning Network, a national learning network that aggregates training opportunities for public health, healthcare, and preparedness professionals from thousands of training providers. This includes training from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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EpiShuttles to Protect Patients and Crews

From next week, two DRF Luftrettung stations in Germany will be using “EpiShuttles”, a special insulation stretcher. Another eight stations are to follow soon.

DRF Luftrettung invests in the protection of patients and their crews so that they can continue to help people in medical emergencies as quickly as possible, even...

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