Avons grabs CE marking for new PAPR system

Avon Protection’s new modular powered air systems receive CE approval

Avon Protection has been awarded full approval for CE Marking on its AvonAir modular powered air range. The recently CE approved EZAir+ Breath Assist and MPPAPR+ Powered Air Purifying Respirator systems are now complemented by the approval of the ST53 PPBA (Positive Pressure Breathing Apparatus) combination respiratory system with CSPAPR powered air supply unit to Article 10 type-examination approval for CE Marking CE 564330.

The patented design approach delivers maximum operational flexibility – interchangeable performance modules allow for multiple protection level configurations that can be rapidly assembled to accommodate changing threats. With reduced breathing burden and greater integration with legacy equipment, enhanced protection against toxic industrial chemicals, ease of weapon sighting, integrated communications, and high flow hydration option, the AvonAir range enables the wearer to stay comfortable and effective in physically taxing scenarios.

Commenting on the approvals, James Wilcox, Global Director of Marketing said, “After 5 years of development, working alongside the end-user community, Avon has produced the next generation of modular powered CBRN respiratory protection. With their CE approval these products now provide the wearer with lighter, modular and fully integrated solutions. In addition the ability for customers to configure systems depending on operational needs dramatically lowers their ownership and maintenance costs.”

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