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Decon 7 launches easy decon applicator for Sandia foam (DF200)

Decon7 Systems was established to commercialize Sandia National Laboratories’ Decontamination Foam (DF200) through it’s patented, technologically advanced delivery systems. The D7 team has created a rugged, ready-to-use, hand-held, multi-part dispenser for personal and spot decontamination. The breakthrough Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray (BDAS) technology paired with the trusted safety and efficacy of the proven DF200 formula will significantly enhance the safety of military personnel, special operators and first responders across the globe.

As in bulk form, the D7 BDAS will neutralize harmful VOCs, known chemical & biological warfare agents, bodily fluids, bacteria, and viruses. The chemistry is non-flammable, non-corrosive, contains zero VOCs, is biodegradable and adds no additional environmental load to the mission or cleanup operations.

Key Benefits of the BDAS
● Ready-to-use (RTU) decon on demand, no premixing required.
● Lightweight, portable, and rapidly deployable
● Neutralizes chemical and biological warfare agents, hazardous industrial chemicals, and VOCs
● Disinfects bacteria and viruses including Ebola, SARS, HIV / AIDS, MRSA, TB, C Difficile, and more
● Works on virtually any surface including concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, carpet, fabrics, leather, ceramic, and more
● Biodegradable

The Decon 7 team had the device at Convergence in Orlando, and very handy it was too. Requiring no plumbing, and (truly) hand portable it is a useful addition to the decon canon.

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