Introducing M.A.I.K

During the 5th CBRNE R&I Conerence in Lille we had the opportunity to meet some of the team from Dr.F.Kohler Chemie Pharmaceuticals who had on display a portable test kit for the detection of nerve agents. 

Called M.A.I.K - the Mobile Acetylcholinesterase-Inhibitor Test-Kit - it consists of a field portable pouch, consisting of all the compnents needeed to conduct a rapid assesment of surface contmaination e.g.  skin, for nerve agents and is based on a simple colour reaction. 
M.A.I.K compnoents
M.A.I.K is a 4-step-measurement, which can be performed easily and quickly. The principle is based on assessing whether human acetylcholinesterase, which is a component of M.A.I.K, is either still active or inhibited after a surface has been sampled.

To find out more about M.A.I.K visit the company website here 

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