First Responder UAS Indoor Challenge

Compete for $685K in total prizes plus a chance to demo your prototype at a live competition.

Indoor disaster response and search and rescue can be some of the most dangerous and difficult scenarios for First Responders. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division needs your innovative unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solutions to support First Responders by scouting an indoor structure and providing information about its condition and situation awareness prior to entry.

The outcomes of an ideal indoor UAS operation are improving the usability, or flyability, lowering the total cost of the UAS platform, and improving autonomous sensors while operating with limited or no GPS signal.

The Mission

To support the first responder community and help save lives.

Imagine a scenario where First Responders need to conduct a response and rescue effort within an indoor facility. To improve both safety and success, they would benefit from a UAS that could maneuver within a closed space.

The Breakthrough

Accept this Challenge to develop an ideal indoor UAS platform that offers improved usability, or flyability, and situational awareness and has a lower total cost while operating with limited or no GPS signal.

The Plan

Review what you can do now to prepare and submit your winning submission!

For full information head to the challenge website


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