NuGBall and NuVision by Nuvia

Whilst at the 5th CBRN R&I Conference in Lille last week, we got to catch up with the team from Nuvia, and find out what new tech they have on offer. 

The first thing to catch our eye on their booth was the NuGBall.
This clever little device allows fast and remote monitoring and real-time radiological mapping of hostile / access constrained environments, and was awarded first prize for Crisis Management at the Milipol Innovation Awards 2021.

NuGBalls are tough autonomous sensors that can be deployed easily on the field using drones or manually, they integrate wireless communications, geo-localization, radiological and chemical sensors. Individual NuGBalls send measurement updates regularly to trigger alerts in case of a threat – multiple NuGBalls form a wireless communication network, allowing remote characterization of large areas. The NuGBall system includes data management software to quickly localize and assess threats in real time, minimizing risks to emergency responders or military personnel in the field.

To find out more about what the NuGBalls can do in terms of ranges, detection capabilities, and how they can be utilised click here

We also spoke to the team about the NuVision compact portable spectrometric gamma camera.
NuVision is based on CZT semiconducting detectors, coded aperture, AND Compton imaging capabilities. The aim is to provide end-users with a complete portable and sensitive system allowing them to not only detect but also measure a dose rate in H*(10), localize the source and identify the radioisotope, thanks to excellent spectrometric ability on a wide energy range (20-1400keV, from Am-241 to Co-60). Additionally, the processing speed allows to perform real-time imaging and to observe mobile sources. 

To find out more about NuVision, click here

For more information on all of Nuvia's homeland security range, you can see th brochure here.

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