CoBRA WEB version Receives U.S.A.F Certification

U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard Expand Common Operating Picture Capability as CoBRA WEB version Receives U.S.A.F Certification


Department of the Air Force Headquarters Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC) out of Scott AFB, Illinois has certified CoBRA Software’s WEB version 4; and placed the CoBRA WEB program on the Air Force Evaluated/Approved Products List (AF E/APL).

The CoBRA WEB tools are used to enhance the already deployed client versions of CoBRA software, which resides on the user’s laptop or desktop.

This certification provides a user authorization to install WEB CoBRA, which is now a certified application for installation on Air Force servers.

By expanding CoBRA software usage beyond the stand alone laptop, users can now achieve situational awareness and common operating picture by sharing status updates, resource requests, live chat and ability to quickly and easily create, display and share chemical/radiological plume and explosives hazard zones.

CoBRA clients who have use the collaborative solution connected via server also can expand their capabilities through Sensor Data Fusion, accessing data from mobile and fixed site sensors, and monitoring Sensor Status via WEB Mapping. This data fusion capability can enhance sharing of data to support decision making at multiple levels of leadership

CoBRA collaborative solutions have been chosen by the Brazilian Military to prepare for upcoming national events and provide Sensor Data Fusion.

About CoBRA Software
CoBRA WEB version is an all-hazards incident management solution that provides synchronization and collaboration for the users of the CoBRA desktop client version, as well as providing thin client (Web) access to incident information and CBRNe data via a browser. CoBRA software has supported the United States Military and First Responder community for over a decade and has been deployed to US Military Bases worldwide providing all hazards decision support and information dominance.

CoBRA software is an easy to use application that provides quick access to critical information that First Responders and Military Personnel need when planning for or responding to day to day operations as well as mission critical events.

CoBRA is a product of Vienna, Virginia based Defense Group Inc, a veteran owned small business which brings over 25 years of experience supporting the military and federal government with tools and expertise in emergency management.

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Defense Group Inc, a veteran-owned business, has been supporting America's responders for 20 years

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