ChemProDM module provides CWA and TIC detection for vehicles, robots and OEM

The newly improved ChemProDM (ChemPro Detector Module) now includes a 10,000 hour pump


The newly improved ChemProDM (ChemPro Detector Module) now includes a 10,000 hour pump similar to the pump used in our permanently mounted 24/7 detectors. Now this compact module for the detection and classification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) vapors can easily be utilized in 24 hour 7 day a week applications. Its multi-sensor detection array has 10 sensing channels, with our unique open loop Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) sensor at its heart, to provide CWA sensitivity below military action levels, quick response and industry-leading false alarm rejection even to low vapor pressure threats like VX. It can also detect a wide range of TICs. The ChemProDM’s compact package has the lowest logistics footprint of any CWA detector and includes mounting flanges for vehicle, robot mounting or incorporation into OEM systems. The ChemProDM does not have its own display. If the building, vehicle or robot has a digital backbone the digital output of the ChemProDM can easily be directly integrated into it. If a digital backbone is not available the optional Remote Alarm Unit (RAU) can be mounted away from the ChemProDM module. The RAU fully emulates the proven intuitive display of the ChemPro100i. An optional Vehicle Radiation Detector allows the ChemProDM and RAU to simultaneously provide both vapor and gamma radiation detection for CRN protection with a very compact footprint. The ChemProDM has the ability to detect more than 40 TICs and CWAs.

Environics makes gas & vapor detection products & turn-key CBRN detection networks for civilian & military defense. We protect individuals, buildings, metros, cities and nations from CBRN threats.

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