First Line Technology Announces Launch of Online Store Featuring PhaseCore® and DeconGel™

New online store will provide customers with the opportunity to learn more about First Line Technology’s most popular products and purchase them with ease.


CHANTILLY, VA (Mar. 6, 2013) – First Line Technology, a supplier of Out of the Box solutions to first responders and the military based near Washington, D.C., is pleased to announce the launch of its online store located at The new online store will provide customers with the opportunity to learn more about First Line Technology’s most popular products and purchase them with ease.

“The main objective for us, as always, is to provide the best customer service possible while we continue to serve those who serve others – our dedicated first responders and military personnel – as well as other members of the community like industrial workers, landscapers, or MS patients,” said First Line Technology President Amit Kapoor. “The online store will grant customers yet another way to access information and quality products.”

The online store launched with select items available for purchase from the PhaseCore® and DeconGel™ product lines. Other items will become available in the coming months.

PhaseCore Personal Cooling Products can help users manage heat this spring, summer, and into the fall. Heat-activated PhaseCore products absorb heat and provide a long-lasting cooling effect that will not overcool the body. The gentle cooling effect of PhaseCore helps to increase work productivity while reducing heat-related illnesses. Designed to be comfortable and lightweight, PhaseCore Cooling Vests are ideal for first responders and receivers, HazMat technicians, Fire Fighters (the CarbonX vest is fire resistant), athletes, wheelchair users, X-Ray technicians, surgeons, custodial engineers, bomb technicians, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and industrial workers – just to name a few.

DeconGel (CBI Polymers, Inc.), is the most recent addition the continually expanding First Line Technology Decon Family, which also includes FiberTect® (First Line Technology sole source) and RSDL® (Bracco Diagnostics). DeconGel is a one component sprayable hydrogel that effectively decontaminates a broad range of surfaces and 3-D objects including concrete, steel, painted or unpainted surfaces, glove boxes, hoods, casks, and other everyday items. DeconGel’s extraordinary binding properties trap and encapsulate a wide spectrum of radioisotopes and chemicals in a simple, no-preparation process, allowing easy and safe disposal.

About First Line Technology:
First Line Technology, LLC supplies Out of the Box Solutions to first responders and the military. Since 2003, First Line has established itself as a leader in new product development and distribution with innovative, yet simple, solutions. First Line prides itself in creating high-quality products that are comfortable, effective, and safe for use in All-Hazards response including the AmbuBus (Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit), PhaseCore (Heat-Activated Personal Cooling Products) and FiberTect (Activated Carbon Dry Decon Wipes).

At First Line Technology PEOPLE are our most valuable asset. We believe that everything we do should be grounded in INTEGRITY and that we each have the responsibility to do the right thing. We’re committed to providing QUALITY products and services that meet customer requirements. And we feel as though we serve the COMMUNITY – our office, our city, our nation, and the world – best by serving those who serve others.

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