Vektor keen to show its ebola efforts too

Interfax reported that Vektor was pushing ahead their Reaferon-Lipint treatment for Ebola.

The full story can be found via Russia Behind the Headlines (here ) but essentially they are blowing the dust from an Ebola treatment. The Vektor-Medika team feel that they have some animal testing to do on guinea pigs and then higher primates and the treatment could be ready about a month and a half after that.

Considering that they are currently using Reaferon-Lipint for other RNA/DNA viruses, but not ebola, this could represent anything from six months to six years. Personally I see this as a chance to jump on the medical countermeasure band wagon and justify their high development costs. Vektor is thought to have been working on Ebola for at least the past 40 years (Soviet BW Program, Leitenberg and Zilinskas), and with Zmapp enjoying its place in the sun there is clearly a desire to show that money well spent - as well as the natural desire to help 1,000s of people.

We wish them well with their countermeasure work... otherwise all the millions of roubles spent on Ebola over those years would seem to have been wasted.

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