Building protection

HDT and Buffalo BioBlower team up to offer building protection

HDT Global, Inc. has teamed with Buffalo BioBlower Technologies, LLC to protect building as large as 50,000 square feet of floor area from bio-warfare agents or natural bio-contaminants. The prototype BioBlower uses innova-tive compressive heating technology to provide 5,000 cubic feet per minute of purified make-up air to maintain a pro-tective positive pressure in a building. The mobile device is designed to move to a threat area and quickly interface with a building’s existing HVAC and filtration system. The prototype, sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engi-neers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, will be demonstrated in early 2015 and previous independent testing of the BioBlower technology by U.S. DoD shows >99.9999% kill effectiveness against spores, vegetative bacteria and viruses.

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