Using the Science of Trace Detection to Develop the First Mobile Virus Detection Device TVD-1

GreyScan's Explosive Trace Device, the ETD-100, is a result of research by leading international Universities and scientists and forward thinking investors ($25M investment to date). The ETD-100 was deployed globally in 2020 to find trace substances, preventing a host of terrorist attacks.  To GreyScan, the COVID-19 virus is just another threat that can be detected, addressed, and prevented during a major international crisis.  

GreyScan is in the process of developing the TVD-1, using our proven technology platform to rapidly, reliably, and accurately detect the COVID-19 virus at the point of risk to human health.  We believe this device will be the first in our line of products that will be able to detect surface viruses as they evolve and spread throughout the globe.

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