EpiShuttles to Protect Patients and Crews

From next week, two DRF Luftrettung stations in Germany will be using “EpiShuttles”, a special insulation stretcher. Another eight stations are to follow soon.

DRF Luftrettung invests in the protection of patients and their crews so that they can continue to help people in medical emergencies as quickly as possible, even in times of the corona virus: as early as next week, two 24-hour stations with insulating straps will be so-called "EpiShuttles". Another eight stations are to follow soon. By using the stretchers, the crews not only save valuable time, but are also optimally protected. In addition, the equipped stations are ready for use again more quickly, since the particularly complex disinfection of the helicopter is not necessary after operations with corona infected people. More and more people need an intensive care ventilation place as quickly as possible, but are currently mostly only transported on the ground, what takes time and can endanger life. Unfortunately, it can be assumed that this need will increase sharply in the coming weeks.

“The innovative EpiShuttles allow the patient to be transported like in an isolation station: the person lies under a transparent cover, can be connected to an intensive care ventilator via airtight access and can be monitored and treated at the same time. In this way, we fly patients quickly, absolutely safely and well monitored to a clinic with a free intensive care bed with ventilation. 

And our crews are even better protected from infection than before and can continue their life-saving missions, ”explains DRF Luftrettung medical director Dr. med. Jörg Braun.

The cost of an EpiShuttle is currently around 40,000 euros. “The DRF Luftrettung has decided to invest this important investment in the life and safety for patient and crew and would be very happy if donors and sponsors support this currently so acute measure. In times when every minute is decisive, we want to do everything possible to be there for people and their lives, ”explains Dr. Krystian Pracz, chairman of the board of the DRF Stiftung Luftrettung nonprofit AG, made this extraordinary investment.

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