USAF fields new Joint Service Aircrew Mask

The US Air Force has started to field its Joint Service Aircrew Mask (JSAM) for helicopter aircraft as part of a larger effort to shield its personnel against contamination from weapons of mass destruction.

The JSAM provides better protection against CBRN contamination and is currently being fielded on the HH-60G Pave Hawk and UH-1N Huey aircraft.

Specifically the new JSAM provides enhanced eye, skin and respiratory protection from hazardous air. The mask also integrates with night vision goggles, requires no aircraft modification, has joint service commonality, and a six-fold increase in battery life. It also fits better and has a removable faceplate.

“With recent and continuing world events, our nation’s ability to effectively fight and win in an environment that involves weapons of mass destruction has become more and more important,” says Mohamed Mughal, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s CBRN Defense Systems Branch chief engineer. “So far, the Air Force has already delivered JSAM RW masks to almost a dozen airbases around the world.”

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