US Nuclear Corp appointed to sell ZNose high-speed GC chemical sniffers

US Nuclear Corp announced today that they have signed a worldwide sales representative and resale agreement with Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. giving US Nuclear non-exclusive rights to sell the revolutionary, high-speed zNose®chemical sniffers.

The zNose®chemical sniffers use advanced Surface Acoustic Wave sensors and ultra-fast gas chromatography to separate and analyze vapor samples in near real-time. The patented technology detects all compounds within an odor to provide a complete chemical profile, and the software includes an expandable library of over 700 chemicals and odor signatures, allowing the zNose to recognize virtually any target odor.

The zNose®can be used to measure: Salmonella and E-Coli contamination in food, Chemical warfare agents such as Sarin and Agent Orange, Bomb detection, Purity and safety of milk and foods, Various known carcinogens, harmful petroleum, and oil vapors, Research on breath analysis for early screening of cancers and pulmonary diseases (clinical studies have shown that these types of analyzers can identify women with early stage breast cancer), and Performing analytical measurements of blood, urine, and stool.

Recently, Electronic Sensor Technology staff trained a sheriff’s office on the operation of the zNose®for detecting conventional explosives, plastic explosives, and drugs of abuse. The zNose®was demonstrated to detect and quantify the explosives and drugs, and the officers were very pleased that the product could complement trained dogs in detecting the substances.

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