Reducing the Spread of Ebola Through Proper Decontamination

The Abstract of a recent study published by the CDC states, “Ebola virus (EBOV) in body fluids poses risk for virus transmission. However, there are limited experimental data for such matrices on the disinfectant efficacy against EBOV. We evaluated the effectiveness of disinfectants against EBOV in blood on surfaces. Only 5% peracetic acid consistently reduced EBOV titers in dried blood to the assay limit of quantification.”

Decon is the only commercially available decontamination solution that contains nearly 5% Peracetic Acid (PAA) as an active ingredient. Dahlgren Decon is manufactured and distributed by First Line Technology, a company that specializes in developing enabling technologies for first responders, the military, and healthcare.

Dahlgren Decon has been proven to completely neutralize Fentanyl in under five minutes making it a powerful new weapon in the fight against synthetic opioids. The product is also highly effective against a wide range of chemical and biological agents including mustard gas, nerve agents such as VX, anthrax, and toxic industrial chemicals and materials.

Since the First Line Technology product was released in 2017, the company has had significant sales to entities within the Department of Justice (DOJ), DoD, and several federal intelligence agencies.

Numerous state and local agencies have purchased the product, and several international entities are expected to do so soon. The customer base is growing rapidly, and Dahlgren Decon has become the new
standard in decontamination.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division was recently awarded the Federal Laboratories Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for 2018 for the development and subsequent transfer of the dual use Dahlgren Decon technology to the private sector.

“We at First Line Technology are very proud to work together with the research team at NSWC Dahlgren Division to bring Dahlgren Decon out of the lab and make it a life-saving technology that is used to reduce the threat of Ebola and other infectious diseases, as well as chemical and biological agents, and dangerous drugs like fentanyl.”, says Amit Kapoor, President of First Line Technology. “Its rapid acceptance by healthcare, the military, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement is a testimony to its effectiveness.”

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