Toxic Valley 2019

The Toxic Valley exercise, which annually organizes the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, is an exercise of military specialists in the field of radiation, chemical, and biological protection (RCHBO) from NATO countries. The exercise is designed for sampling teams and mobile chemical identification laboratories and is the only one of its kind within NATO countries across Europe.

Toxic Valley 2019 will involve more than 150 CBRN specialists from 1o different countries. 

On Ex Toxic Valley 2018, Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš said: “International Ex Toxic Valley 2018 is one of the opportunities to practise the capabilities of our CBRN troops, while collaborating with specialists from other countries in response to CBRN incidents. And thanks to our unique testing facility in Zemianske Kostoľany, this all can be done with real toxic chemical substances.”

On the risk of a CBRN hazard, Chief of Defence Lt Gen Daniel Zmeko said: “In recent times, it has been clearly demonstrated that the threat of toxic chemical substances is real, not to mention their combat use. Therefore, our specialists train shoulder-to-shoulder with their colleagues from abroad to be ready to respond to similar incidents. Sharing of experience is the basis of success in this dynamically changing era.”

To find out more about Toxic Valley 2019 watch the promo video here 

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