The End of the Exercise

The Joint Enabling Domains, that Dave Lavers spoke about in the Autumn 2009 edition of the magazine, has ceased to exist. This was an attempt by Australian Forces to try and link elements of defence together (such as biometrics), a way of thinking holistically about the problem.

At times this holistic thought reached the levels of CBRN philosophy and there perhaps lay the crux of the problem. Military philosophy is fine when you are Tzu, Clausewitz or even Norman Dixon, where the philosophy approaches the centre mass – winning battles and building leaders - rather than on the fringes, and some might even suggest the ephemera, of the battlespace. Military leaders and philosophers tend to have different timescales – “Think faster!” – and so it happened with the ADF, inertia gave way to friction and finally action – and the JED is no more.

This is not to suggest in any way that CBRN will lose any importance, rather that it will be handled in a more conventional way – for better or worse. We wish the new team well and all success.

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