Consultation Open

The UK Government announced that it had launched a Green Paper to mark a formal consultation on Equipment, Support and Technology for UK Defence and Security - The Paper links national security, working with other countries, export and cyber security together. The Consultation will begin in 2011 and will last for three months and will eventually set out the policy for defence and security for the next five years. Big print – NOT ENOUGH CBRN!

Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, told officials, and the BBC, that there were clear indications that terrorists were targeting the country. He did not give specific information but said that they had been putting different strands of information together and that Al Qaeda was looking on Germany with more interest.

This follows the use of German airports to ship the 'printer cartridge bombs’ and the 'disappearance’ of 12 known militants and their reappearance in Afghanistan. This is a volte face, and about turn, from the Interior Minister who had previously dismissed claims of threats to Germany.

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