Syria Expert? Analysis

Lets be clear - there is some rubbish going around analysing videos at the moment on Syrian chemical attacks. Lets just assess a few of these.

Now as per our last article - you can't gauge much from the information to date. But equally you can't discount. Incredibly some appalling 'expert' reports have suggested that the 'proof' that the attacks aren't chemical is that the medical staff are not wearing respirators and protective equipment.

Obtuse, insensitive, wrong. These words may spring to mind. Many European hospitals would struggle to turn out a respirator, certainly going back a few years they would have done. In any case its like saying there isn't an outbreak because people aren't in Level A suits! 'Experts' of security institutions who appear to scent funding or TV fame - please stick to neutrality and even handed consideration of the facts. We neither have proof of attacks or proof against attacks, which is why the sooner a UN investigation goes in the better. #investigateSyria

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