Rigaku announce new features for their handheld raman

Rigaku announce some new features/upgrades for their Progeny raman detector. These include the inbuilt camera and an increase in the library.

Rigaku Raman Technologies unveiled a new software release for Progeny ResQ at IAFC Hazmat. This now allows users the ability to capture high quality digital photographs of samples using their integrated digital camera. This will support the desire for comprehensive documentation of crime scene evidence, rapid response efforts for HazMat incidents, and other demanding chain of custody applications. The integrated camera, which is built into the front end, is now capable of capturing images of test samples and seamlessly integrating them into the results database. Captured images are automatically linked to analysis reports where they can be viewed on the instrument or exported to a computer.By integrating two streams of information, operators no longer need to manually record identifying characteristics of samples to then link to data results later. This reduces the time spent in extreme environments and hazardous conditions, and provides more reliable data. Further feature updates include the addition of new compounds to the instrument’s library, as well as further improvements in analysis speed and usability.

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