Arktis keep sailing

Noble gas based neutron radiation detection company, Arktis, announced that they had sealed another couple of wins.

Arktis recognising the shortage of He-3, and the continuing need for accurate rad detection developed their proprietary radiation detection technologies based on research originally undertaken at ETH Zurich, on behalf of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). They have used this new technology to produce a range of products that they claim perform better, achieve more and cost less to deploy and operate than most other systems on the market.

Arktis stated that they are on their planned growth path and have achieved sales in all their key markets. They have supplied a Flash Systems to Swiss Steel to conduct final checks for contaminated scrap metals headed for the furnaces, been authorised by DARPA to develop a next generation neutron detection platform and also have a system ordered by The Atomic Weapons
establishment (AWE) that has recently passed site acceptance testing.

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