Pesticide incident douses 63

An incident involving pesticide in Tulare County, California, has resulted in 63 people being treated or hospitalized. 

The pesticide Hexythiazox was being applied to an orchard using a truck with a spray rig attached when winds suddenly blew the spray towards dozens of field workers. 

Supervisors immediately moved workers six rows deeper into the field to avoid the spray and called in the Tulare County Hazmat team. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and some of the workers began to show symptoms and began vomiting. Those exposed to the chemical were rapidly decontaminated, but two began to show moderate to severe symptoms and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

At the time of writing, it is unclear who was spraying the pesticide or whether the application violated state regulation, an investigation will be carried out by the Agricultural Commissioners Office to determine these facts. 

Tags: Threat, Chemical, Hazmat

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