OPEC Systems signs contract with Leidos Australia to support LAND 2110 Phase 1B of the CBRND Project

OPEC Systems has announced it has signed a $23 million contract with Leidos Australia to support LAND 2110 Phase 1B of the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defence (CBRND) Project.

The project, due to be rolled out between January and March 2020, involves the provision of four equipment streams:

  • Kestrel’ medium weight protective CBRN ensembles;
  • Collapsible waste water containment bunds in various sizes for capturing liquid contamination;
  • Collapsible and helicopterable liquid storage drum for containment of potable and waste water; and
  • Decontamination mitts for rapid chemical decontamination

Leidos was awarded the overall contract, valued at $243.5 million, with Australian Defence in September last year. OPEC Systems said it would partner with Leidos for up to 10 years on the deal with Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group. 

“We are a proud Australian company and an experienced supplier of CBRN capability,” said OPEC Systems managing director Peter Murphy.

“This contract represents an exciting long-term program of CBRN enablement for our company, and an important opportunity to support Australian service men and women through the supply of superior CBRN protective equipment.

“The opportunity to work with defence primes like Leidos Australia illustrates the benefits of collaboration between a multinational and a smaller Australian company, and provides us with a valuable platform for representation on both the local and international stage.”

Christine Zeitz, chief executive for Leidos Australia, said, “Working with local industry is critical for Leidos to deliver our project commitments which support our customers to meet their mission.

“OPEC Systems has over 20 years of experience delivering CBRN equipment and services in Australia and joins us to deliver capability to the Australian Defence Force through the LAND 2110 project.”

OPEC Systems said it is "constantly working in the field on a variety of innovative chemical weapons and UXO remediation programs", with the hands-on experience providing "an intimate understanding of the war fighter’s challenges, and has allowed the development of practical CBRN protective solutions that meet changing needs as safety risks continue to evolve".

“For us, the cornerstone of this project is the supply of our Kestrel CBRN suits,” Murphy said.

“The two-piece Kestrel is the culmination of a five-year development program. This provides a raft of innovative improvements building on decades of CBRN experience. It’s something that we’re enormously proud of, particularly given our success in the face of stiff international competition.”

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