Optosecurity go onto bigger and better things

Optosecurity make greater inroads into checkpoint security

Following on from last months MOU between Smiths Detection, Optosecurity announced that they had been awarded by TSAa contract under the Transportation Security Innovative Concepts Broad Agency Announcement. The MOU allowed the two companies to move towards developing and distributing an advanced Checkpoint Enterprise Software Solution that will improve the overall performance and further cuts operational costs of security checkpoints it also allows them to begin further negotiations aimed at reaching a formal agreement. This is the second such arrangement between the two companies, following a cooperation agreement initiated last year that enabled the detection of liquid explosives in Smith's X ray machines. The TSA contract will provide OptoScreener and eVelocity detection and screening management software and hardware to be installed and tested in various TSA evaluation locations. OptoScreener retrofits existing X-ray detection platforms to automatically detect: liquid explosives, other liquid threats, bottles, firearms, firearm parts, and other threats. While the eVelocity solution allows airports to collect and integrate real-time operational data from multi-vendor X-ray machines. Analysis and effective alarm resolution is done using queuing services, image analysis of scanned items and alarm resolution with a common user interface locally or remotely for additional benefits provided by remote screening.

Tags: Detection, Security, Threat, Contract, Explosive

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