iRobot's 110 gets chemical sensors

IRobot's 110 FirstLook now has an upgrade that allows it to have either a manipulator, or a sensor package

The five pound 110 FirstLook is well known for its ability to be hurled through windows, but that fashion might be coming to an end as they announce their ability to attach a sensor package. While the robot might be tough enough to survive the impact the same might not be true of its sensor package, either a RAE Systems MultiRae, a Smiths Detection LCD/JCAD or thermal cameras. While there is no doubt that users, especially military ones, prefer a smaller, lighter UGV, there is the perennial debate between lightness and capability - once the ability of the user to throw the robot is diminished (because of the sensitivity of the payload) then the question has to be asked whether you need a system that light. Truth is, however, that once these devices reach the hands of the user ways will be found to balance payload sensitivity and 'chuck-ability!'

Tags: Detection, Military

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