Mistral's VBIED Tool Kit Helps Bomb Squads Engage Explosive and IED Threats on Vehicles

Mistral Security, Inc unveiled its new VBIED Tool Kit to address the need for a common set of efficient tools to allow deployment of bomb squad robots down-range to engage explosive and IED threats on vehicles.

The Counter Terrorism Technology Support Office (CTTSO) developed the VBIED Tool Kit for public safety bomb squads at the requests of the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB), who identified Vehicle Borne IEDs as the number one threat facing public safety bomb squads. CTTSO then licensed Mistral Security, Inc. to manufacture, market, sell and service the VBIED Tool Kit.

A one-of-a-kind solution, the VBIED Tool Kit addresses the requirements of bomb squads to effectively gain access into a suspect vehicle’s passenger compartment, trunk, engine compartment or cargo bay, either by cutting metal profiles or locks, breaking windows or unlocking or prying open doors and latches.

An assembly of five kits, each one is designed for specific VBIED Render Safe Procedures: Extender Kit; Extended Gripper Kit; Electrical Vehicle Lift Jack Kit; Power Tool Kit; X-Ray Tool Kit.

Tags: Security, Threat

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