Metropolitan Police confirm forensics demo for CBRNe Convergence Europe

A practical demonstration from London’s Metropolitan Police on scene characterisation and evidence recovery at a CBRN incident, will be one of the key draws at CBRNe Convergence Europe in London in May 2017.

The two-stage demonstration will be a joint effort between the SO15 Forensic Management Team who are trained in a number of specialist skills, including CBRN, and who are responsible for all crime scene management and exhibit recovery and handling for London, and the SO15 EOD unit which is made up of EOD and CBRN specialist responders.

Alongside the forensics element, the three-day event will offer delegates a superb line-up of experts, with speakers confirmed so far from the Paris Fire Brigade, LA Port Police, Public Health England, University of Bath and the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs (MoP), Iraq.

CBRNe Convergence Europe will also offer a unique opportunity to explore the four key stages of CBRN defence with world-renowned experts from a wide variety of disciplines and organisations through four interactive workshops.

The workshops will be chaired by expert moderators drawn from across the CBRNe community. Delegates will have the chance to examine, explore and discuss the various issues at each stage of a planned event.

There are also several specialist pre-conference workshops, including the public reaction to mass decontamination, and the lessons learned on policing gene editing through CRISPR Cas9.

The 40-strong exhibition from our CBRN industry partners will offer the opportunity to explore all of the latest technology and equipment, with companies including Biofire Defense, BBI Detection, Cristanini, Pony Industries, have signed up as sponsors so far, while Survitec, Airboss Defense, Air Techniques International, Argon Electronics, Bertin Technologies, Passport Systems, Proengin, First Line Technology, Decon7, Tracerco, Lakeland, Blucher GmbH and Inficon already booked.

If you work in the CBRNe or Hazmat field, this is the conference for you, expected to attract over 300 first responders and experts from the military, fire service, police and civil defence organisations.

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