Man Pleads Guilty to Ricin Plot

A man from Los Angeles pleaded guilty this week to Federal charges of attempting to obtain ricin for unlawful purposes, namely to poison his wife!

Over a two-month period late last year, Steve S. Kim attempted to obtain ricin from what he thought was an online seller, but in fact was an undercover FBI agent. During negotiations with the agent, Kim stated that the ricin was intended for an individual who weighed 110 pounds, and  subsequently he agreed to pay 320 Euros (approximately $350) in bitcoin for the poison. The FBI concealed a substance purporting to be ricin inside another product, along woth a GPS tracker, and the package was delivered to Kim’s work address. Kim took the parcel home, accessed the fake ricin, and was immediately placed under arrest. 

While violating the federal prohibition carries a maximum statute sentence of life in prison, the U.S. attorney’s office said prosecutors will recommend Kim be incarcerated for up to 87 months in return for his guilty plea.



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