Defence Minister calls Bioterrorism a Contagious Plague

Speaking at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's (SCO) First Military Medicine Conference this week, India's Defence Minister Rajnath Singh referred to bioterrorism as a 'contagious plague', and called upon the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) of the SCO countries to devise ways to effectively deal with the new challenges posed to soldiers in the battlefield.

Singh underlined the importance of building capabilities to deal with the menace of bioterrorism saying, "The armed forces and its medical services have to be at the forefront of combating this menace."

"The medical services of the armed forces are expected to pllay a vital role in identifying these challenges, defining the limits of human tolerance and suggesting strategies to mitigate the adverse health effects of such environments. The threat of nuclear, chemical and biological warfare further adds to the complexity of the situation.The medical professionals of the armed forces are probably uniquely equipped to deal with these deadly challenges." he said 

China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are members of the SCO. The conference is being attended by 27 international and 40 Indian delegates. This is the first military cooperation event hosted by India after becoming a full-time member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. 

The SCO is the largest regional organisation in the world in terms of geographical coverage and population, the  countries of the grouping cover 22 per cent of the world's land mass, 40 per cent population, and contribute to 20 per cent of the world's GDP. 

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