Inovio’s Ebola Vaccine Provides 100% Protection

Laurent Humeau, Ph.D., Inovio’s Senior Vice President R&D, said, “Unlike all other Ebola vaccine candidates in development, INO-4212 is a vaccine that has shown to be stable at room temperature for one year. With this new data showing complete Ebola protection, coupled with impressive Phase 1 results for immune responses and safety, Inovio is well-positioned to execute on our overall development strategy in positioning INO-4212 as a viable stockpile vaccine. We are working with collaborators and potential new funders to advance INO-4212.”

The room temperature stability also makes it a good vaccine candidate for use in countries and regions where refrigeration is unavailable.

In a completed Phase 1 Ebola trial of healthy participants demonstrated that 95% (170/179) of evaluable subjects generated an Ebola-specific antibody immune response, with the mean antibody titer comparable or superior to those reported from viral vector-based Ebola vaccines.

Importantly, Inovio’s Ebola vaccine was well-tolerated with a favorable safety profile compared to viral vector-based Ebola vaccines, some of which have been associated with serious adverse events including myalgia, arthralgia, fever, and rash. Furthermore, their faster construct design, ability to continue to boost immune responses and protection with additional administrations, easier scalability of manufacturing, and better product thermal stability make DNA vaccines an attractive platform to rapidly respond to emerging global infectious diseases.

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