Holy airborne chemical sensors Batman

Aerialtronics provide complete solution package with visual, thermal and chemical detectors for safety and security industry

Aerialtronics have revealed a unique series of commercial drone sensors for the safety and security industry which include some of the first nuclear radiation and hazardous chemical detectors on the commercial market.

The Dutch-based company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), now has gas monitors and nuclear radiation sensors to add to their advanced thermal and day-vision cameras. Developed by Aerialtronics, the Dupla Vista already allows pilots of the Altura Zenith UAS to switch between thermal infrared and day vision mode for specialist security missions. Now security professionals can act fast to evaluate, analyse and interpret data where there may be gas leaks, nuclear radiation or other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Robin van de Putte, founder and Chief of Product Strategy at Aerialtronics, said: “The Altura Zenith platform is already a field proven business asset due to its reliability, performance and ability to deliver results within a wide scope of commercial applications. Extending our payload range with the VOC monitor and nuclear radiation detection sensors adds the second sense and increases the potential of our system for businesses. The Zenith UAS, with more than 16 compatible sensors, has the widest payload range compatible on the market, and, therefore, its potential use in different markets has strongly increased.\"

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