HDT launch low cost Chem-X filter

HDT Global’s Expeditionary Systems Group (ESG) has developed a low cost, low pressure drop, pleated carbon filter that can effectively filter nerve agents. Reports from the Middle East reveal that at least two known nerve chemical warfare agents, Sarin and Chlorine, have been used against civilian populations. These events further support the need to provide chemical protection for buildings and critical infrastructures. While some previous building designs may not have required chemical protection due to cost considerations, this issue has been addressed with a new cost-effective solution from an industry-leading provider of military CBRN solutions.

The filtration media of the ESG Chem-X filter consists of a layer of activated carbon sandwiched between layers of inert plastic mesh. The media is pleated to achieve a large cross-sectional flow area in a limited filter volume. Both the media and the pleat configuration and construction are ESG proprietary designs. The filter size is 2’x 2’x 1’ (appx. 61x61x30.5cm) and fits easily into existing air handling systems. Several ESG Chem-X filter lots have been manufactured, met rigorous U.S. government testing guidelines, and have been installed into U.S. government buildings and facilities. The expected filter lifetime, under 24-7 continuous operation, is greater than one year, thus keeping the life cycle cost low.

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