HazMasterG3 Release Adds New Materials, Updated Guidance and Enhanced Tools

As COVID-19 started to make its way around the world in mid-January, Alluviam got to work to add it, and other emerging bio-threats into our market leading decision support system.  Whether its advice on surveillance, detection techniques, decontamination or PPE advice, HazMasterG3 Version 24 instantly provides a broad range of emergency response guidance on COVID-19.  With an integrated database of over 167,000 materials and tradenames, HazMasterG3 is by far the most comprehensive CBRNE/HME decision support system available today.

As another reflection of current events, additional response and decontamination guidance for the Russian Novichok agents have been added to Version 24 of HazMasterG3.  Western authorities, led by Germany, have concluded that Russian dissident Alexei Navalny was poisoned by this Russian nerve agent.  Navalny, who survived the poisoning, was medically evacuated to Germany for treatment.

Additionally, response guidance has been updated throughout the system to incorporate the Department of Transportation’s 2020 Edition of the Emergency Response Guide. More precursors found in clandestine explosive, chemical warfare agent and narcotics labs were also added to the system’s already extensive list of over 30,000 precursors that are tracked in the system – more than any other system available today.

Not to be left behind, bomb technicians familiar with advanced device defeat techniques should be happy with the addition of new advanced energetic capabilities added into Version 24 of HazMasterG3.  These advanced capabilities are unique to HazMasterG3, and were built with close coordination of the FBI. 

More information on HazMasterG3 can be found at www.alluviam.com.

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