ARGON: The rise of 21st century CBRN training

Argon have released their latest case study, The rise of 21st century CBRN training, in which Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christopher Joy, former Commander of the CBRN Instruction Company Marine Corps Detachment at Fort Leonard Wood, explains how the introduction of Argon Electronics’ simulator detector technology enriched the CBRN training experience and how it led to the complete rewriting of the centre’s Program of Instruction (POI).

Learn also how by implementing Argon simulators the US Marines experienced substantial and tangible benefits across all stages and levels of CBRNe training - whether it is being used to train new operators, to provide more experienced personnel with the opportunity to refresh their skills, or as a way to trial or familiarise with new equipment. 

Click here to read the case study, and here to find out more on what Argon can offer for your CBRN training needs 

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