Fastox to present its long-lasting botulinum toxin LAST technology at the TOXINS 2022 6th International Conference.

Swiss biotech Fastox Pharma will present for the first time its groundbreaking long-lasting botulinum toxin LAST technology at the leading conference on neurotoxins from July 27thto July 30th in New Orleans, USA.

Fastox has discovered that combining botulinum toxin type A (BoNT/A) with fast-acting myorelaxant drugs could accelerate BoNT/A onset of action, but, most importantly and surprisingly, could also significantly increase its duration of action. Pre-clinical results on such combination will be presented including mechanism of action.

Increasing BoNT/A duration of action is a long-awaited innovation in the $5.5bn BoNT/A aesthetic and therapeutic markets. The LAST™ technology, validated in pre-clinical models, will fulfill this unmet need. Fastox plans to start first-in-human Phase I/II trial early next year.

Fastox VP Innovation, Mickaël Machicoane, PhD, says: “I am honored to present our discovery at the Toxins 2022 International Conference towards renowned experts from all over the globe. I will notably shed light on the mechanism of action of our LAST™ technology, that has been dissected through a fruitful collaboration with the Neuroparalysis and Neuroregeneration Laboratory of the University of Padova.”

The poster will be presented on site and available during 6 months after the conference in the Toxicon journal.

The latest developments in the basic science and clinical applications of neurotoxins are presented at the TOXINS conferences. More information can be found at TOXINS 2022 | International Neurotoxin Association (

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