Ebola Bombali Detected in Guinea

Researchers from The University of California, Davis, have recenctly publsihed their findings regarding the discovery of the sitxth ebolavirus, Bombali, in Angolan free-tailed bats roosting inside people’s houses in Guéckedou and Kissidougou, Guinea. 

The team from UC Davis One Health Institute first discovered the Bombali virus in Angolan and little free-tailed bats in Sierra Leone. This is the first time a strain of ebola has been detected in an animal resevoir before being detected in a sick human or animal. Various research teams have been on the lookout for Bombali since the UC Davis team frist discovered it, and from reults It appears that Bombali has a wide disrtibution. 

Bombali is distinct from the other five strains of ebola, and teams of scientists are currently trying to ascertain whether Bombali has spilled from it's bat resevoir in to the human populace. At present tests show that Bombali can infect human cells and studies are ongoing to ascertain the risk it poses. 


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