D7 recognized as a Top 10 Foam Technology Solution Provider

D7 sanitization product has been recognized by Manufacturing Outlook as a Top 10 Foam Technology Solution Provider for 2020.

What does that mean?

Decon7 has worked tirelessly to create their D7 product in order to ensure workplace sanitization is top-notch so employees and customers aren’t put at risk. 

Because D7 differs in composition and efficiency from other disinfectant products, it is able to penetrate soil loads, envelopes, and bio-barriers, destroying toxins and germs at a molecular level. Traditional disinfection methods have failed to kill those microorganisms efficiently because, typically, only one method is used to disinfect. 

The D7 multimodal disinfection approach constitutes three parts with five distinct components: surfactant chemicals or soap, inorganic salts (like baking soda), hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide booster, and water. This combination can effectively kill up to 99.99999 percent of microbes, which dramatically decreases the chance of disease transmission.  

Read more about our recognition HERE.   

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