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Cobalt Light Systems Launches the Insight200M Liquid Explosive Detection System

Cobalt Light Systems were pleased to announce the launch of Insight200M. Insight200M is a new Liquid Explosive Detection System that uses the same principles of operation as the highly successful Insight100M: currently deployed at more than 70 airports globally including eight out of ten of Europe’s largest hubs. Insight200M has been tested by ECAC and has met the requirements for Type B Standard 3 and Type A Standard 3.

Developed with support from the US Government and Innovate UK, Insight200M retains all the advantages of the Insight100 series of Liquid Explosive Detection Systems at reduced size and weight, and now brings even better detection for all container types, including metal containers at extremely low false alarm rates (in the region of 1.5% for all containers, reduced significantly further if the type A option is used).

Insight200M is designed for high reliability and fast, easy use with minimal training, not only detecting threats but, in most cases, naming the threat material identified. Insight200M has been approved for screening of items under 100ml by the UK DfT and has been shown operationally and in trials to have no issues screening partially filled containers. Insight200M is fully compatible with Cobalt Light Systems’ Overview networking product.

Cobalt Light Systems’ CEO, Dr Paul Loeffen said “We understand the operational needs of airports and have further improved the false alarm rate to reduce inconvenience to passengers and airport operations while making the Insight200M smaller and more readily integrated into checkpoint layouts.”

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