Can you purchase Hazsim with a community grant?

Are there other grants that you can utilise to buy equipment like Hazsim?

A frequent questions HazSim receives is, “Can you help us With grants?” While HazSim Hazardous Materials Simulation Training System is often purchased with federal grant money many HazMat professionals forget the more obvious, and underutilized Corporate Community Grants.

Cheryl of HazSim’s Corporate Sales department points out, “Corporate Giving Partners are those utility companies, major corporations, industrial or manufacturing facilities that you serve in your community. Usually they have an established Foundation or Non Profit set up for grant requests, but I’ve found that most fire agency HazMat departments aren’t aware of them or haven’t applied.”

These overlooked funding opportunities are valuable, and HazSim is happy to work as a bridge-builder between your agency, and the “cheque writers” in your community. “It’s a great thing to be able to make a connection between a major utility, industrial or corporate company to an agency that serves them. They don’t get phone calls like mine often and my requests are usually well received.”

Feel free to contact Hazsim and find out about utilising Community Grants by clicking here

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