Blauer Manufacturing Receives Third-Party NFPA 1999 Certification for Reusable COVID-19 PPE

Blauer Manufacturing announced on June 11th that it received formal 3rd party certification for its new BIO-99™ coverall to the NFPA 1999 Standard on Protective Clothing and Ensembles for Emergency Medical Operations for multiple-use (

Safety Equipment Institute, a leading certification organization for safety and protective products, issued the certification letter for the BIO-99 coverall after extensive evaluations against rigorous viral penetration, durability, functionality, and comfort-related requirements. The certification marks the successful conclusion of an expedited development effort on the part of Blauer's design team and W. L. Gore & Associates to commercialize a reusable, breathable and highly protective coverall made with GORE® CROSSTECH® fabric suitable for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and other frontline workers to wear for COVID-19 response.

According to Tom Ames, Blauer's Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, "The BIO-99 is the first viral resistant coverall certified to the rigorous multi-use requirements of the NFPA 1999 Standard for First Responders.  The innovative BIO-99 also meets The Interagency Board's (IAB) new PPE Considerations for Dermal Protection in the recently published Minimum Recommended Guidance on Protection and Decontamination of First Responders Involved in COVID-19 Cases.  Blauer dedicated its product development team to designing and certifying a highly breathable, durable, and reusable NFPA 1999-certified coverall for first responders and frontline workers that offers much higher protection than disposable isolation gowns. The BIO-99 was specifically engineered to maintain its protective properties even after numerous uses and commercial launderings. The employees of Blauer Manufacturing are excited to introduce a new class of PPE that will enhance our nation's ability to respond to the current COVID-19 crisis as well as future pandemics." 

Blauer has begun production of the BIO-99 coverall and is fulfilling orders and quote requests from emergency medical, fire/HAZMAT and law enforcement teams around the country.

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