Avon win another M53 contract

Avon win a $6.7m sole contract for the provision of a modified M53 respirator for fixed wing, non fast jet platforms

Avon's M50 series rolls on through the DoD with a contract for fixed wing, non fast jet, respirators. Their modified M53 has won a $6.7m contract with the potential for a follow on of up to $74m. This is part of the JSAM-FW contract and will provide continuous head/eye protection for CBR agents and TICs. Avon also described the other requirements as: operate in ambient conditions providing uncontaminated breathing air to the user while in flight and during ground operations; Integrate and interface with specified existing and emerging fixed wing platforms as well as joint aircrew life support equipment, including communications; integrate with concurrent acquisition efforts to include but not limited to laser eye protection, night vision equipment, below the neck CBRN protective ensembles and new aircrew flight equipment.

Tags: Equipment, Protection, Contract

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