You're Invited! New RadIQ Training

On December 18th, FR's training division HazMatIQ is holding a RadIQ Response Training session in Miami, FL. This course covers important information for responders to use in the hot zone. This course is limited enrollment, so sign up now! Register here

Federal Resources and Mirion Technologies are holding a complimentary 1-day RadIQ training course.

REM, Curies, Becquerel, Gamma radionuclides, Co60, Cs137, stay times, RIDs, RADs and everything in between will be transformed from disconnected definitions into essential actionable information used in the hot zone to connect the dots.

RadIQ uses the core HazMatIQ training principles of making HazMat easy to understand and is designed to train responders in the use, interpretation, and selection of a variety of radiological instruments, PPE and incorporating risk-based decisions used in HazMat/WMD response incidents.

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