What Future Remploy Frontline?

We reported late last week on the BBC story that many of the Remploy factories in the UK, that utilize a large number of disabled employees, including Remploy Frontline, the manufacturer of the UK MoD's PPE were slated to close. Remploy subsequently released more information.

The BBC reported last week that many Remploy factories were to close here which will have an impact not only on the UK MoD, but also other users of Remploy Frontline's suits - including UK Police and other foreign military. Remploy promised us further information, which can be found here. Basically there is no good news, as the report states there were no viable bids for the Frontline factories, and that a social enterprise was looking to buy a number of the assets and try and save some of the jobs. Social Enterprises are not-for-profit businesses that attempt to work with communities to improve social problems (more information can be found here ), and the question has to be asked whether this Enterprise will be able to fight on the world stage at the same weight as it did previously? Markets are becoming tighter, the customer is chasing margins, and while the users might want to do the 'right' thing they also want a certain quality of service and security of supply. If the Enterprise is only buying some assets the obvious conclusion will be that they are a fraction of the support and manufacturing capability that 'Old' Remploy Frontline supplied. That is not to say that this social enterprise might not be able to do so, just that it will be a significant challenge. Much of this is speculation on limited information, as soon as we have more information on the size and scale of the social enterprise we will let you know...

Tags: Security, Military

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