Waste not

Interested in a free app to help track waste material during a disaster/terrorist attack?

The EPA announced the launch of their I-Waste app, a flexible, web-based, planning and decision-making tool platform that provides information to decision makers to address disaster waste management issues. The Incident Waste Decision Support Tool (I-WASTE) offers emergency responders, industry representatives, and responsible officials reliable information on waste characterization, treatment, and disposal options, as well as guidance on how to incorporate waste management into planning and response for natural disasters, terrorist attacks and animal disease outbreaks. EPA collaborated with partners across the Agency, the Federal Government, state and local governments, the waste management industry, and non-governmental organizations to develop I-WASTE as an online decision support tool to help decision makers at all levels, both in government and in the private sector, to ensure rapid and effective management of disaster-generated waste while protecting public health and the environment. I-WASTE is currently available here

There is also a I-WASTE video here

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