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iRobot's Defense and Security Business unit to be re-named Endeavor Robotics

In much the same way that Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour discovered plants and animals unknown to the northern hemisphere, new robotics concern, Endeavor Robotics is going to seek out new opportunities and technology!

It was announced today that iRobot's Defense and Security Business unit will be re-named Endeavor Robotics and launched as a privately-held, U.S.-based independent ground robotics company. Endeavor was formed with financial backing from Arlington Capital Partners, to capitalize on emerging market opportunities in the defense ground robotics space. The new company will continue to serve its defense, public safety, and industrial customers while aggressively pursuing growth opportunities.

The company is led by CEO Sean Bielat, a former iRobot Defense & Security executive and U.S. Marine officer, along with Tom Frost, president of Endeavor Robotics and former senior vice president of iRobot's Defense & Security business unit. The team believe that an agile structure, accompanied by an experienced team will enable them to provide the highest level of support to customers now and in the future.

\"Our team is developing innovative new technology that will propel our growth, as well as actively reviewing acquisition opportunities that will continue to position Endeavor Robotics as an industry leader. The U.S. Department of Defense is planning at least three major ground robot program acquisitions in the next few years. Based on our combat-proven platforms and leading technology, Endeavor Robotics is well-positioned for all three. We anticipate substantial growth over the next several years, both domestically and with our international customers.\"

\"As an independent company dedicated to tactical robotics, Endeavor Robotics will have the flexibility to meet the needs and protect the lives of our customers on the frontline and in other dangerous environments. We will develop the next generation of life-saving robot technologies,\" said Tom Frost, President of Endeavor Robotics. \"We've always done our best work when we worked closely with our customers. Our new structure enables us to double down on that strategy. We believe that the future is in open architecture and collaborative solutions, and we look forward to working closely with our customers to make that a reality.\"

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