UVeye launches deep learning-powered vehicle undercarriage threat detection solution: UV Inspect

UVeye, the leading provider of top-tier solutions for automated external inspection of vehicles, has officially launched its UV Inspect threat detection technology. Developed to instantly detect threats – such as bombs, weapons, and drugs – stowed in the undercarriage of vehicles, UV Inspect is powered by deep learning computer vision technologies.

UV Inspect meets the challenge of automating threat detection for new and unfamiliar vehicles. The pioneering UV Inspect algorithm analyses each vehicle part separately, using the deep learning computer vision to identify every element on the undercarriage of the vehicle and detect threats within seconds.

This advancement in detection capabilities is built on UVeye’s extensive work in training its deep learning algorithms to truly understand what each part of a vehicle is supposed to look like, independent of make or model or the need for previous examples on record. Examples of the depth of this research become evident in the UV Inspect technology’s ability to identify items like an exhaust pipe without having previously scanned the vehicle.

“As the first to offer a true first pass solution, UVeye is addressing the needs of border control operators and other security professionals tasked with examining non-repeat traffic to securely scan vehicles passing through their checkpoints,” says Amir Hever, UVeye’s CEO and co-founder. “Our team has developed a reliable method of identifying anomalous objects without the need for earlier reference points, using only the information captured in our high resolution images at the time of the scan.”

With this launch, UV Inspect joins UVeye’s arsenal of detection technologies, which includes UVcompare, the deep learning-driven system that monitors trends of repeat traffic to identify changes which could indicate a threat or issue for concern. This technology works by identifying trends on a specific vehicle over time, without the need to compare the image to a model from the manufacturer.

In the coming months UVeye plans to expand the implementation of the UV Inspect technology to further support its global customers across the security market. UVeye’s technology is currently deployed all over the world at high security facilities such as banks, embassies, prisons, military bases, airports, and more.

  • The system can detect threats from the first scan without needing to reference a “safe” image of the same vehicle or model
  • UV Inspect is powered by deep learning computer vision technologies
  • The technology is offered as a turnkey solution to the security industry, having previously only been available to a select group of customers
  • UVeye is the only provider with the combination of advanced algorithms, highest quality image capture ability, and requisite volume of historical data to offer this solution

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