Twist Bioscience Adopts Battelle’s ThreatSEQ DNA Screening Web Service for Advanced Biosecurity

Twist Bioscience Corporation, a company enabling customers to succeed through its offering of high-quality synthetic DNA using its silicon platform, today announced that it is the first to implement Battelle’s ThreatSEQweb service DNA screening platform for the detection and characterization of sequences of concern in genomic data, supplementing its internal biosecurity efforts.

“We have spent decades working with and characterizing biothreats to support global biodefense efforts, which has resulted in the curation of a high-quality Sequence of Concern database and the development of a robust algorithm for screening DNA at production scale rapidly,” said Matt Vaughan, President of Battelle’s Contract Research business. “Twist Bioscience continues its leadership in the field of biosecurity as the first to integrate the ThreatSEQ web service into its gene-length DNA screening pipeline. We look forward to expanding this service to all companies who desire standardized and sustainable screening capabilities.”

ThreatSEQ web service is a first of-its-kind commercial DNA screening solution that is highly accurate and cost effective. The service includes an advanced biocuration pipeline that reduces synthesis providers’ maintenance and labor costs while maintaining effective biosecurity. The platform does this by streamlining the review process through an industry-oriented user interface to review screening results, which displays high-quality metadata and a graphical representation of genomic context.

“We have worked with Battelle on the FunGCAT program for more than two years, where we have developed an even greater appreciation for its cutting-edge computational and laboratory-based approaches to screening,” said Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of Twist Bioscience. “Battelle created the ThreatSEQ web service with significant input from industry leaders and the scientific community worldwide as well as global databases. Its algorithm allows for continuous updates as new sequences of concern are discovered – a feature existing databases often struggle to accomplish. We welcome the opportunity to evolve our biosecurity program to continue to maintain the most comprehensive screening effort, allowing us to screen DNA even faster, and importantly, ensure our customers are using our synthetic DNA for responsible research.”

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